VITO - Art of Fitness is a concept and entity that amalgamates your workout needs by availing for an array of the most fitting equipment to meet your fitness lifestyle objectives.

VITO comes from the Latin vita meaning “life”. Art of Fitness is a revered lifestyle that promotes healthy living. Congruently, fitness ushers in and augurs goVITO Art of Fitness is a contemporary lifestyle customised for today’s people. It is a concept and facility to foster healthy living by way of making fitness a part of your life. VITO – Art of Fitness brings you the means and mechanisms.

Derived from the Latin word “Vita” meaning “LIFE”, in our context it is the “zest for life”. Art of Fitness presents as a revered lifestyle that promotes and exemplifies the wisdom of healthy living through fitness. In congruence, fitness ushers in good health which in turn, augurs longevity and good living. The stimulus and eminence in VITO Art of Fitness are in merging conscious awareness in the vital importance of fitness to the quest and availing for the best equipment and accessories. Our untiring endeavour is to sustain and uphold your requirements while meeting your demands and preferences.

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