Adidas Door Gym

Adidas Door Gym

Brand: Adidas
Product Code: ADAC-11402


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Adidas Door Gym

Designed with a counterbalance mechanism, the adidas Door Gym fits most frames for upper body training. Fitted with padded hand grips, the Door Gym helps target the back and biceps with 3 pull-up variations; also working the chest and triceps when used on the floor.
Fitted with foam door protectors, the bar minimises damage to the frame. With its unique structure the adidas Door Gym extends further from the door than most bars; allowing you to perform complete pull-ups.

• Foam padded door protectors
• Three grip positions
• Unique structure for optimal performance



Material / Composition

Iron (90%)
PE (4%)
NBR (4%)
PP (1.5%)
EVA (0.5%)

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