Ankle Support Compression Socks-Long

Brand: LP Support
Product Code: LP204Z

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Ankle Support Compression Socks-Long

- Double-loop stabilizer design of heel strap supports ligaments of heel and ankle to improve stability during jumps and shifting movements.
- Unique spiral power band, which wraps around ankle up to cover calf muscles, enhances sensory perception in ankle and prevents excessive roll during lateral movement.
- Buffer protection for toes, heel, and Achilles tendon cushions impact while offering protection by stabilizing muscles.
- High-tension weave structure better fits curvature of ankle and arch. Moisture-wicking thread keeps socks breathable and provides optimal comfort.
- Gradient compression design promotes circulation, increases metabolism, and reduces excessive muscle vibration to improve movement efficiency and muscle endurance.

Based on calf circumference.

S 31~35 cm
M 35~39 cm
L 39~42 cm
XL 42~45 cm