Kettler Press Up Handle

Kettler Press Up Handle

Brand: kettler
Product Code: KA943-000


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Kettler Press Up Handle

Kettler Press Up Handle - Increasing your range of motion in an exercise makes you stronger and builds muscle faster. When doing any exercise on your push-up bars start gradually, spending as minimum of time on one or two different exercise. Increase your time every few days, until you reach a regular routine that is comfortable for your body system. Set push-up bars so they are parallel with your body, at about shoulder width and height.

Beginner's Push-ups - When beginning a regular push-up exercise routing, you may choose to keep your knees on the floor. You still will benefit your arms and chest area. Bend knees and point toes upward. Begin push-ups.

Regular Push-ups - Regular push-ups are done by grasping the handles and extending body upward, until arms are straight with knees up off floor. Hold for a few seconds and slowly lower body until elbows are completely bent. Repeat as desired. If you choose you may also elevate feet, which adds further concentrated effort.

Assembly -  Attach two(2) cross stabilizer bars to each handle with screws securely

Notice: Never overdo exercise or over exert yourself. Start gradually and build to comfortable pattern. Relax between each exercise. Exercise in a pleasant temperature. Before beginning any exercise a few stretching exercise are recommended i.e., stretch to the ceiling, bend and touch your toes, do a few sit-ups.

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